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About Us

Big company capacity, small company ethos

SJL PrintMedia was set up in 1998 as an agile labelling division in one of the world’s biggest print organisations.

This foundation fed into our organisational personality, which remains highly responsive to customer demands and market changes while at the same time holding on to corporate professionalism, processes and responsibility.

By emphasising the quality of our products and services and prioritising customer satisfaction, we have grown to be a leading player in labels, labelling systems and label solutions management.

With our headquarters in Manchester (UK), our scope has become international with partner companies in Hong Kong and the Americas.

These companies allow us to offer products and services throughout China and Southeast Asia and in South, Central and North America.

‘Many of our competitors at that time were good, but were not offering everything that the customer needed in terms of support and attitude. We have always worked with a Can do Will do attitude towards business. We felt that although the market was maturing, there was still room for a more flexible, user friendly Label Company without the heavy baggage that the competition seemed to be carrying. Eighteen years on and yes the market has changed and we have also changed to meet new market expectations and conditions. The biggest thing is the globalisation of manufacturing. We support businesses just about everywhere in the world. Our Philosophy is still the same; Can Do Will do – the only difference now is that we have to say it in several different languages’.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We have committed to supporting our customers, suppliers and employees in any way that we can as a responsible company.

We don’t subscribe to the view that only big corporations can make a meaningful positive impact in people’s lives. As an SME, we have a direct impact on the health and happiness of thousands of individuals and we are determined to make sure we subscribe to the principles of good corporate citizenship, benefitting our business community.

Many small-to- medium-sized businesses fall below the turnover criteria where ISO 14001 becomes necessary, but we operate proactively to see how we can operate in a responsible manner and work towards reducing our impact on the environment.

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