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We stock a large variety of ribbon to suit most markets and applications. We stock products from Ricoh, Armor, DNP and iimak.

There are different ways to check the print quality of your ribbon: Rub resistance, Scratch resistance, Chemical resistance and overall print finish and clarity.

Thermal transfer ribbons can be broken down into three main types;

Wax: Used for printing onto paper labels. The wax ribbon offers a soft waxy ink that can be printed onto most surfaces. Wax is the lowest grade and lowest cost ribbon and won't be as durable as other ribbons on the market. You may find it has a lower resistance to the scratch and rub test, but despite this, it is ideal for labels that will have a short life span or where a low cost option is required.

Wax Resin: Used for printing onto papers and filmic materials. Wax resin is the next step up from the wax ribbon. It will perform better than the wax and dependant on the brand & type of wax resin ribbon it offers medium to high durability.

Full Resin: The most durable of the ribbons and performs well when testing for scratch, rub and chemical resistance. Ideal for printing those labels that need high durability.

Please ask our team if you require a specific ribbon for your application.

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